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A civil lawyer is a person who represents a natural or legal person in civil matters and works in various judicial and non-judicial authorities. The word “lawyer” in the dictionary means to be entrusted with a task. According to this definition, a lawyer is a representative and deputy. In general, a lawyer means a representative, a lawyer, a promoter, a defender, and a guardian. A civil lawyer is assigned to enforce his rights on behalf of someone, who is called the client.

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A civil lawyer is assigned by the client to perform civil activities in judicial or non-judicial authorities for purposes and rights, and is recognized as his representative and advisor in these authorities. According to the civil law, every action by a lawyer is against his client. As a result, the duty of a civil lawyer is very important and heavy. Perhaps many people’s rights are ignored, just because his lawyer did not perform well in making statements or as a defender. Also, in the definition of a civil lawyer, it should be said that a person who is fluent in the civil and legal language of his country and has a higher education in the field of law is called a lawyer. At least this education is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a university.

A civil lawyer will defend their rights as a legal representative of individuals with their legal and civil language. Nowadays, there is a need for a lawyer who always supports and advises people in all judicial and legal issues. Legal issues are general issues that include all issues. Advice from a legal lawyer is based on the type of issue raised, the need for expertise in that civil or spatial matter. Today, in many countries of the world, the representation of various subjects has taken on a specialized form, but in Iran, this has not yet happened officially. For example, a lawyer specializing in business affairs will advise his clients only in the field of business. However, the types of civil lawyers, their duties and powers, and the types of rights and many issues related to this topic are included in this article, which we will discuss.

Civil guarantee lawyer

A civil lawyer undertakes to represent a person in civil affairs and issues by virtue of a contract called a power of attorney. The scope of the lawyer’s authority over his client is specified and determined in the contract or power of attorney. A lawyer is both a person’s representative and his mediator in doing the things that are specified in his powers. When a power of attorney is drawn up between the client and the lawyer, the duties of both parties will be clearly defined. We said earlier that the duty of a lawyer is to protect the rights of his client and to be his representative and mediator in all matters. However, the client also has duties towards his lawyer regarding this power of attorney, which he must adhere to. The power of attorney that is prepared between them is one of the most common and valid contracts that are introduced in all societies and minds of the society. So setting up a power of attorney is the first step in any legal activity between a lawyer and a client.

Types of civil lawyers

What is meant by the types of civil lawyers is that sometimes we have heard the expression of the basic lawyer of a judiciary or the term civil lawyer has reached our ears in some places. Sometimes a lawyer is appointed by one person for another person. But most of what we mean by the types of lawyers is the lawyer we have chosen. Is our goal from the chosen lawyer to get help from him for judicial matters or non-judicial matters. or administrative affairs such as everyday matters. Or a lawyer who is authorized for another person due to judicial and non-spatial issues who does not have the possibility of having a lawyer himself. For example, a person is in prison and needs a legal representative for some work. So, in this case, we have three types of lawyers as follows.

A lawyer is a lawyer who has completed his university and university education in the basic sciences of law and has succeeded in obtaining a high rank among those who have participated in the bar exam. After completing the internship, these lawyers will receive a license to practice law and will be ready to provide legal services to the society. Basic lawyers of a justice are among the first-class lawyers of the lawyers’ society and are very well versed in the law.

Civil lawyer, every person will need a civil lawyer to carry out administrative and legal affairs. The civil lawyer and the client go to the registry office to prepare the power of attorney and prepare and prepare the power of attorney, according to which the lawyer is the legal representative of the person in the specified affairs.

An intermediary lawyer will occur in cases where a person needs a lawyer to defend his rights, but for some reason he cannot hire a lawyer. As a result, he appoints someone as an intermediary to consult with a lawyer and draw up a power of attorney contract. This type of lawyer, which is authorized for a person through someone else, is called an intermediary lawyer.

Types of lawyers:

1- Chosen lawyer

2- Takeover lawyer

3- Assistant lawyer

4- Contract lawyer

5- Accidental lawyer

6- Organizational lawyer

7- Judiciary

8- Apprenticeship

9- Supportive


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