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A criminal lawyer is a basic lawyer specializing in criminal matters. In a better definition, lawyers who have the opportunity to act as attorneys in criminal cases are called criminal lawyers. If you have a criminal case, or you have been charged with a criminal case, you urgently need to have a lawyer familiar with the following laws:

1- Criminal and penal laws

2- Regardless of the Islamic Penal Code

3- Criminal procedure

4- Laws related to economic crimes

5- Smuggling

6- Buying and selling drugs

7- Rules of military courts

In addition to the knowledge and mastery of the laws mentioned above, one of the main duties of a criminal lawyer is to have a strong spirit to be present in the heavy and difficult atmosphere of criminal courts. Also, he must have years of experience in criminal courts.

Duties of a criminal lawyer

Suppose you have been charged. In this case, the criminal lawyer plays an important role in supporting and defending you legally. The duties of a criminal lawyer in this situation include the following:

Civil Counseling: A criminal lawyer advises you about the rights and laws related to the crime you have been charged with. He will help you to have a correct understanding of your rights and choose a good defense path. It explains to you how you can respond in court, how to reject claims of sovereignty and protect your rights.

Investigation and collection of evidence: The criminal lawyer is responsible for collecting evidence and evidence related to your case. He examines the information related to the crime and how it was created, and through research and study of the available evidence, he tries to collect evidence for your defense. For example, if you have been wrongly accused and there is a witness who saw you engaged in another activity at the time of the crime, the criminal lawyer must use this evidence in court to defend your right. .

Representation in Court: A criminal lawyer represents you in court. He appears in court instead of you and defends himself. He tries to investigate the court issues, present evidence and use legal strategies to support your right.

Negotiation: The criminal lawyer negotiates with the judicial system and other related parties, such as the lawyer claiming the crime, to protect your rights and interests and tries to reach a result that is better for you. For example, a criminal defense attorney can negotiate with the defendant to reach an agreement that reduces your sentence or provides you with better terms.

Skills needed for a criminal lawyer

To be a successful criminal lawyer, you must have the following skills:

Knowledge and experience in criminal law

1- Strong communication skills

2- Problem solving skills

3- Research skills

4- Writing skills

Conditions for becoming a lawyer

To become a criminal lawyer, you must go through the following steps:

1- Studying law in the university

2- Completing an internship in a law office

3- Passing the bar exam

4- Issuance of a lawyer’s license from the lawyers’ association

Types of criminal lawsuits

Criminal lawsuits are divided into two main categories:

General criminal lawsuits: These lawsuits are harmful to society and are pursued by the prosecutor. For example, murder, theft and fraud are common criminal cases.

Private criminal lawsuits: These lawsuits are against individuals and are pursued by a private plaintiff. For example, assault, insult and defamation are private criminal actions.

Free criminal lawyer

If a person (accused, plaintiff) does not have the financial ability to hire a criminal lawyer, a lawyer is hired for that person (in certain crimes).

In all lawsuits, including criminal lawsuits, neglecting to choose a lawyer and consult with them can cause irreparable damages.

In all criminal lawsuits, considering the importance of the crime and its specialization, it is necessary to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer in order to make the correct decision in the shortest possible time.

Since criminal cases directly affect people’s lives, property, dignity, and reputation, both victims and defendants try to prevent their rights from being violated and protect their interests. Therefore, consulting a lawyer in criminal cases will help you.

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